Friday, November 4, 2011

“Week 2 Blog Post 1 Great Reading”

First of all I would like to say that Ted is one of the greatest inventions.  Being able to go to the web site and watch and listen to great people helps to put the day in perspective

The video of Benjamin Zander was entertaining and his last few seconds of his story hit home.  “I will not say something that will not stand as my last words” are words to live by.

I am at a crossroads at this time in my life.  School will hopefully be ending soon and I will be looking for a new position.  I would like to stay with the company I currently work for but I do not think I will.   I went into work this morning with the hope of ironing out some issues that my immediate boss and I are having.  I was told that she still needed time to “build her case against me” and that we would be talking on Monday. 

Why do I tell you this?  Because, I finished the required reading of the book “The Art of Possibility” after this discussion.  I do not know what Monday will bring, but hopefully the peace the reading has brought will last until the situation is handled. 

I have always found it interesting as to why some people fail while others win.  People with no benefits make the most out of life while those who have everything do not.  Why??

Chapter 1, “Its All Invented” makes the point that we allow ourselves to be put into boxes based on others.  If you are not happy with an aspect of your life you must think outside the box to become happy.  I have always been a heavy guy.  I have allowed the words of others to make me overweight.  My parents thought they were doing the best they could but in reality, they taught me that I was a big kid and will always be heave.  I have allowed this to stay with me.  No More!

Chapter 2 “Stepping into a Universe of Possibility” basically said to me.  “What would you accomplish today if you knew you would not fail?”  If I had a magic wand and could do anything—what would I do?  I do not have a magic wand, and I will fail, but that should not stop me from trying.  It is better to fail 100 times than not to try at all.  Change the way you look at a situation and you may just change the outcome.  

Chapter 3 “Giving an A:  Giving Yourself an A.”  All too often we see people and ourselves as not being the most we can be.  Giving an A to yourself makes you realize that you are worthy of that grade.  It does not matter if you are a brain surgeon or the guy that cleans up the mess in the operating room.  They both make a solid contribution to life.  We often look at ways we do not measure up and compare ourselves to someone else.  This is not the way God intended us to live.  It is not ok to look at someone who is doing a job lesser than ours, and think they are not worthy of an A.  This chapter really hit home for me.

Chapter 4 “Being a Contribution” To me this chapter means that we all have the ability to change one person.  Giving a smile to someone we do not know may make that person have a better day.  Each thing we do can have an effect on someone.  Yes, we may not be able to save all of the starfish, but to the one we toss back into the water we made all the difference.  This chapter illustrated how even little contributions can make a big difference. 

Good reading, can wait to my changes in my web site are done so I can continue.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your situation and applying it to the reading. I hope that things went well this week and that you were able to see the possibilities even when faced with opposition and noncooperation.