Friday, November 11, 2011

Week 3 reading Post

Once again, I am finding this book to be both timely and inspirational.  As I read the chapters I try to think how this applies to my life and me.  The chapter “Any Chair” discusses how you can lead the way no matter what position you hold. 

Last Sunday my son played in the All Star soccer game.  He was the only one from his school who got to try out.  As a high school soccer player he had never even won a game.  (His school is only a few years old so they have not yet developed a team.  Many of the players never played before) 

Many of the players on his team were known to each other.  During the game my son played center defense.  He was the only kid on the team taking control of the game and giving verbal instructions and yelling “MAN ON MAN ON.”  My point is, he led from any chair.  His team scored one goal, which gave my son, as his last high school game, a win. 

I think sometimes I take rule # 6 too seriously.  Or maybe not enough…???  I tend to try to make light of many things.  I am not above acting a certain way if it brings a smile to someone.  But on the other hand, I tend to let things build up and build up to a point where I burst because of the problem.  I need to work on this one…

Chapter No. 7 talks about the way things are.  I feel you should always try to improve the conditions in your life.  But I also realize that I do not have all of the information nor do I have all of the say in many situations.  What better way to avoid stress then to accept things they way they are. 

Chapter No. 8 deals with passion.  Giving way to passion is one of the best ways to loose yourself.  Passion for a lover, a child, a job or even a game can take over your world and make you forget everything.  Passion is everything!

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  1. great over-view of the reading and personal reflection on leadership. Great job.